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Who we are

The Better Alternative To Financial Planning

Driven By Results, Not Theory

Better Strategies

After years of intense study and learning from the most experienced and renowned financial experts in the nation, we teach you the proven strategies to achieve true wealth and confidence in your future.

Better Coaching

Our Wealth Coaches are not only some of the best-trained experts in the industry, but they are hand-picked for their outstanding character, attitude, and passion for helping people just like you.

Better Education

Gone are the days of getting lost in an ocean of confusing content scattered across the internet. Learn the exact roadmap to reach your goals and get actionable education you can start using today.

Better Accountability

If you've ever wanted someone to help you stay on track and hit all your goals, you have just found that someone. Your Wealth Coach will be with you, keeping you on track, every step of the way.

Better Products

Start putting your strategies into action with guided implementation of the exact same high-quality financial products that we use ourselves.

Better Community

Join an engaged, enthusiastic community where you will find a whole new family of friends and mentors.
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We Can Meet You Anywhere You Have An Internet Connection

We have the unique ability to serve you wherever you're comfortable. Whether it's at home, at work, on vacation or overseas; we make it easy for you to get the strategy and coaching you deserve!

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Personal Debt Per Citizen



Average Savings Account


Average Savings At Age 65



Typical financial planning is obviously not the answer...

We believe that there's a better way...

True wealth is about living an intentional life
Success should be measured by results, not rate of return
Controlling money is far more important than growing it
Once you earn a dollar it should work for you the rest of your life
It's in our DNA

Everything We Do Is Guided By Four Principles


Building your roadmap for success starts by gaining clarity on where you are and where you want to go.


Optimize your cash flow and reduce unnecessary losses to accelerate your wealth faster than you ever thought possible.


Build the habits of financial success to ensure you don't just create wealth, but can protect it and enjoy it for life.


Financial independence is created by the money you work for. True wealth is created by the money that works for you.

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As the old saying goes, "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is today." The same is true with understanding your finances.

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What People Say About Us

Chris Kirkpatrick

Founder & CEO | Life180

I’ve never met anyone in my life that is more passionate, excited and dedicated to mastering his craft than Caleb. I go into every business relationship with a high level of skepticism. I wondered how somebody in their twenties could be that effective. Don’t let his age fool you. He’s massively in touch, massively connected and massively educated. I was shocked at the level of expertise Caleb has. Even though I hung up my licences I’m still a massive believer in life insurance and what it can do for people.

Dr. Joe Boero

Physician & Medical director

I’m a 66 year old retired physician. I would have never predicted, at my age now, I would be making a major investment in a permanent life insurance policy, but I did exactly that with Caleb’s assistance and the insight he helped me realize. I wish I had met someone like this young man 35 years ago.

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Jake Randall

CEO | Taxbot

I was looking for a place to send my clients to because I totally believe in this strategy, and it made perfect sense to direct them to Caleb and his team. He treats and trains his employees to give somebody the best possible experience, he’s doing it right. That’s why we decided to partner with BetterWealth, because we really think it’s an awesome strategy and people need to know about it but they need somebody who can guide and lead them in the right direction.

Bill & Kelly Bohnhoff

Nuclear engineer | Forensic Nurse

As scientists in the areas of nuclear engineering and forensic nursing, BetterWealth inspired us to envision a different way of establishing and maintaining financial freedom for ourselves and for future generations. The personalized design of the Master Accounts, based on our own unique personalities and experiences with money throughout our lives, strengthened our ability as a couple to reach our highest potential as we continue to be our #1 asset. We can trust that the financial freedom for ourselves and future generations will allow our family to live the mission and purpose of our lives without financial worry.

Jim & Melissa Taylor

family from Tennessee

We are so grateful to have crossed paths with Caleb when we did! The things we have learned are life changing and we are implementing a plan that will help our family for the future. The entire BetterWealth team is super – they are all so helpful and have a servant’s heart!  We are looking forward to continue to learn more and become more involved in this community.

Dan Mechum

Former fox investigative journalist

BetterWealth is a remarkable company, and I believe they are transforming the way we all think about life insurance. As former Press Secretary to John McCain and Fox News reporter, I have met and interacted with many people over the years, and I have developed a divining rod and knack for judging character and excellence. BetterWealth, and their fearless leaders Caleb and Dan, are leading a revolution. And we are all the better for it.

Shelley Thomas

Advocate in wisconsin

I ordered Caleb's book solely on the idea i was supporting a young man who I knew to be one of character, integrity, honesty etc. just pay shipping. What a deal! The research and wealth in the book is amazing! I have implemented what I could and share with others and encourage them to order the book and contact BetterWealth. My friend did just that! Caleb then in all honesty shared the steps she could take as it pertained to her situation. The ride home was quiet. She realized the people she had entrusted her money to were not in it for her but themselves. My friend was sobbing and as hard as it was to watch, I knew it was a new ending and beginning. I am confident after talking with her that she is hopeful and we see the staircase!

Podcast Reviews

BetterWealth With Caleb Guilliams

“This podcast really reveals that wealth is a mentality. The host brings on all different kinds of guests and speaks about what matters most to his listeners regarding, health, wealth, and happiness. The strategies described apply to all aspects of life!”
Jordan Gross
“I am so glad this podcast exists because it has educated me so much about money and finances in a way that I never hear before. Caleb is so excellent on asking good questions through his interview and providing great value and education to the audience. I am much better on financing my own money now than before because of him.”
Jeff Lu
“Tune in to Caleb to achieve a higher level of success in business and life! Truly inspiration and insights that transform. Love the life you have while you create and co-create the life of your dreams.”
Karen Briscoe
“Listen closely to this man! Caleb has truly impacted my education about money over the last two years! Wish I would of came across Caleb years ago!”
Rusty S.
“Caleb is abundantly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about helping people maximize their money. Excellent production!”
Jordan Paris
“Youthful but a wealth of relevant knowledge. Caleb is the man. His moral obligation to share such relevant “financial concepts” with us are so appreciated. We NOW must take action and out our wisdom to use. There’s a better way than what we’ve been led to believe.”
Rain Irving
“Laser insight. Caleb drops knowledge nuggets all over this podcast. It's like an Easter Egg hunt, but with way more money inside.”
Chris Schneider
“I'm so happy to see this message reach so many people! You rock Caleb - keep up the great work and thank you for all you have done.”
Rob Spadaford
“This podcast is unbelievable! The amount of knowledge and expertise that is given is unreal. It’s hard to believe the content that is released is free. Besides that Caleb the host is an amazing human and wants to change the lives of millions. Everyone should hear what he has to say!”
Dominic Rufran
“Caleb’s podcast is packed full of extremely valuable education for anyone wanting to enhance their financial well being and overall well being in order to live a more fulfilled and impactful life! Thank you for all you and your team do Caleb!”
David B. Hughes
“Caleb’s passion is second to none. It’s not everyday you come across a leader that exists, not only to inspire, but truly desires to help others. Growing starts with learning, and this is a great place for anyone to start.”
Holly Solomon
“These podcasts are great for anyone who wants to understand finances, business and improving ones life. The episodes include intentional strategies and insight for anyone that wants to improve in various aspects. Love everything Caleb has to offer! Such a genuine and real role model.”
April Disher