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How The BetterWealth Assessment Works

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Money Goes One Of Two Places

It is either consumed or saved.
How much you consume = your standard of living.
How much you save = your ability to maintain that standard of living in retirement.

Green Line

The green line represents what your current standard of living (consumption) will look like over time, being adjusted for inflation. Inflation causes our money to become less valuable and as a result we need more dollars in the future than what’s needed today to maintain our current standard of living.
Cash flow

Red Line

The red line represents your future consumption projection, and shows when you won't be able to maintain your current standard of living (where the red line falls off the green line). This calculation takes a couple of factors into account:
1. Your current and future cashflow
2. How much money you're saving this year
3. Future retirement age
4. Rate of return before and after retirement age

Balance Is The Minimum Target

When the red line matches the green line, you have achieved financial balance. However, this means your financial model can only support your current lifestyle and doesn't account for unexpected future life events. In fact, 98% of financial models are out of balance.

We're Here To Help Whether You're In Balance Or Not

We developed BetterWealth Unlimited to be the last resource you need when it comes to money. If you're out of balance, we look at ways to: increase income, increase savings and decrease consumption. If you're in balance, we look at ways to be more efficient in all areas and make your model even better.

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